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The cargo ships are very important in carrying heavy and large amount of goods at a time. It floats over the country and to the world. This picture was taken by me from a bridge and it was transporting sands. This sands are normally collected from western and northern part of Bangladesh to other parts of the country. It goes non stop days and the life on this thing is not that easy what we have in dry land. Lots of problems they face on it. From cooking to use proper toilet on a running cargo pains a lot. Sometime I cross over The Padma by mini engine boats and I know how it feels to eat food and do toilet in that position. It’s all time shaky and air flows just blows away sometime. Over all with this situation we make multiplex with their sweat and sands.

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Better View of the picture: https://500px.com/photo/144706951/the-transporter-jpg-by-fh-mukto?ctx_page=3&from=user&user_id=13285339Moving From The Begginig.JPG